Chocolate Choices

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Everyone likes to have choices, right? Well let me take this opportunity to tell you about a fun little game of choices that you can incorporate into your next dinner party to get the conversation really flowing.

First, you need a hook. What is better than a nice piece of chocolate wrapped up in cellophane with a pretty little bow with a note attached? Place a bowlful of these little treasures in the center of your dinner table after people have dined on the main course, had a beverage or two and are feeling relaxed.  The first guest reaches into the bowl to grab a little bite of dessert and the game begins….

Now the choice comes in the little note.  You ask each guest to read aloud the question and make their decision.  But see these one liners aren’t just any little choice.  They are often funny, slightly embarrassing and, most importantly, conversation generating.  I would encourage you to put a bottle of wine in the center of the table or serve an after dinner drink for those who may need a little liquid courage to provide their answer.

Perhaps I should provide some examples because you could go in a lot of directions with this:

  • What superhero would you rather be/date – Batman or Superman?
  • Would you rather Climb Kilimanjaro or Surf the Gold Coast of Australia?
  • You drink Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks?
  • For your next vacation you hit the slopes or the beach?
  • In your free time (what’s that?), you read a book or hit the gym?
  • Your next drink tonight will be a martini or wine?
  • Your closet is OCD at its best or a perfect place for children to hide?
  • On a free Saturday you become one with your couch or hit the latest exhibit at your local museum?
  • Your goal in the next year or two is to run a marathon or publish a cookbook?

Ok, maybe that last one isn’t general enough, but I will say that I have several friends who have hit that age where the feel compelled to achieve the former and very impressive goal.  Meanwhile, I’m sitting on my butt typing this and thinking about recipes….

Admittedly, the suggestions above are on the less racy side because I am posting this on-line and my mother sometimes reads these things.  If you want to go all 50 Shades on your guests, feel free.  I’m just not going to write those questions and post them on-line.
I also will discourage you from having the last question in the bowl be “Obama or Romney.”  There may be those who enjoy a nice heated political discussion, but I am not one of them.  And you may have a guest or two that agrees with me.  Or worse, a guest that pursues a political diatribe that puts you to sleep and prompts the rest of your guests to leave.

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