Root Beer Floats

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What to do on a Sunday when the Giants begin to tank and its gloomy and dreary outside? I highly recommend making and taste testing Root Beer Floats.

My balding hunk of a hubbie declared recently that Root beer floats could be his favorite dessert ever.  He unleashed his time tested float-making ability on our two children — innocent and wide-eyed root beer float virgins.  Not only did they thoroughly enjoy the taste of the floats, they had the best time ever making a huge mess by blowing into straws, letting the bubbles overflow, and covering themselves with ice cream and root beer.  Thankfully, these activities occurred outside on our porch.

I will confess that this is probably the least complicated recipe I have ever posted on this blog so much so that I am going to include the recipe in the body of this post.  It involves a mere two ingredients — ice cream and root beer.  However, there is a bit of technique in pouring the root beer into the ice cream so as to maximize the bubble content and ensure maximum enjoyment.  First, you need to start with a few scoops of Breyers ice cream in your glass (about halfway up the glass).  Next pour root beer only about halfway up the glass and stop for a minute.  Then pour just a tad bit more in, creating a massive mountain of bubbles that shoots up like a column but doesn’t overflow out of the glass (see picture).

You might be wondering what was our taste test?  We had one constant — No Sugar Added Breyers Ice Cream.  Then we tried out three tried and true root beers — A & W, IBC and Stewart’s.

There was no clear winner.  I personally favored the Stewarts.  My daughter liked the IBC.  The hubbie was all about the A & W.  And well, my son liked whatever float he was tasting at the moment best.  Each had its own popularity and none remained at the end of the taste test.

GIVEAWAY!  We told you what our family likes to eat on a fall Sunday when WE lose interest in football.  Now YOU tell me what is YOUR favorite ice cream dessert for fall? The most creative and hilarious answer wins a $25 TARGET gift certificate courtesy of BREYERs.

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  1. A girl from Massachusetts is supposed to like donuts. The Bay State is the home of Dunkin’ Donuts after all! But even as a child, I was never interested in these sugary, deep-fried treats. (My favorite dessert as a kid was bubble gum ice cream so my dislike of donuts had nothing to do with an overly sophisticated palate). Anyways, I still don’t like donuts. They conjure up images of dreary board meetings, over-eager parents at soccer games and depressing rest stops on the Mass Pike.
    There is, of course, one exception that comes when the leaves start to turn. I love, and I mean really love, apple cider donuts.The best ones around are at Russells Orchard in Ipswich, Massachusetts. The lines for a hot donut stretch outside the barn but it’s worth the wait. Deep fried yet light and airy, these donuts put their commercially bought counterparts to shame. They taste like fall and one bite bring to mind bright blue skies, snuggly sweaters, bonfires and hot toddies. Hot toddies and apple cider donuts? I think I might have just started a new tradition!

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