What is weekend table?

This blog is all about providing creative ideas and recipes to make for easy entertaining from Friday to Sunday (and during the week if you can fit that in!). In an ideal world, we have all the time in the world to prepare the most amazing dishes with no distractions. But in the real world, our lives are constrained by jobs, kids, significant others, family, friends and just life! The goal of weekend table is to provide easy to follow recipes and entertaining ideas that are accessible and fun, as well as tips for minimizing time spent in the kitchen and for making different recipes work together all weekend long. You will find that most of the recipes are healthy and utilize lots of vegetables and lean proteins, although the occasional “treat” can find its way to the blog.  Additionally, the occasional “Week Night” recipe that is quick, easy, but far from glamorous may also be featured.  Weekend Entertainer’s have to cook during the week, too!

Ultimately, this blog is designed to share insights to allow you to create an atmosphere for your guests that brings joy to their lives and their tummies.

Who is the author?

I am an amateur cook who finds cooking and entertaining to be a creative outlet — a sort of therapy and escape from my job as a full-time lawyer. I am also a married mother of two active and very hungry children! Weekends for me are a time to relax, to socialize, to laugh and to enjoy my family and friends. Nothing makes me happier than to plan and execute a weekend of social events to bring together people to eat, gab, laugh and enjoy life. We don’t get enough of these things!

But as a working mother who commutes from the Connecticut burbs to NYC, time is always in short supply and long chunks of time are non-existent. I have to be efficient, organized and creative in the kitchen. I am always striving for perfection in terms of the experience my guests receive, but I realize that I’ve got to understand that most of the time I have to settle for damn good and not perfect. This is particularly true because I am almost always cooking while also playing a make believe game and while also rescuing my toddler from his latest commando mission.


Who designed the logo?

Ashley Fredrickson.

Who is Team Weekend Table?

Geordie, my encouraging husband (married ten years) who not only serves as the #1 guinea pig on my various culinary excursions, but also frequently serves as grill and knife master (he beats me in both departments), as well as web and technical consultant and occasional photographer.

My two kiddos. While I’m not yet at the point where I can hand my 5 year old, Sophie a knife and say, “chop,” she’s always happy to help me stir or pour. She’s got a wonderfully adventursome spirit and is willing to try something new to eat and express her satisfaction or dissatisfaction immediately. I find this invaluable. Geordie (“Baby G”) also is game for trying new foods and expressing his opinion loudly! He is also a killer dishwasher unloader (regardless of whether things are dirty or clean!).

What are some other interesting reads? 

One wonderful thing about blogging about food is checking out all of the really amazing blogs out there.  I’ve only just stumbled into this whole food blogging culture, but here are some other blogs I’ve generally enjoyed so far.  I hope this list continues to grow.

If you’d like me to check out your cooking blog, email me at juliedupo@weekendtable.com

Happy Reading! And cheers!

Julie du Pont


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